We, BizBond Digital, understand the importance and value of privacy of yours as our valuable visitors and clients. Therefore, we hereby declare on behalf of BizBond authority that we do not share any documentation or data related to their personal information to any organization or third parties.We suggest our visitors and clients connect us immediately without any further delay to know more about our privacy policy, send us an e-mail at bizbondbd@gmail.com elucidating your queries.

Cookies and web beacons

Like all other websites, BizBond Digital collects cookies and information about those who visit our site. Cookies are essential in terms of connecting to you, and completing your registration, sending other relevant details and, etcetera. Besides, sending another offer and keep you UpToDate as to our upcoming products and promote the importance of using cookies and web beacons are beyond the imagination.
Hence, to connect your contacts through social apps, we use cookies. You can stop using your cookies via unsubscribe us and send an email about it.

Double click Dart Cookie

Google provides ads of other sites on bizbondit.com using dart cookies as a third-party vendor to our visitors based upon their visit. We want to make it clear that we have no relation with those ads and websites. If anyone wants to visit those sites, visit with their responsibility because our privacy policy would not apply to those sites. You remove these sites visiting google as and content network privacy policy at the subsequent universal resource locator- https://polferences.google.com/technologies/ads

Children’s Information

BizBond Digital emphasizes more priority to keep away children from mistreatment of the web. Our policy is not to collect information that is below 15 years old. Therefore, we want guardians to contact us immediately via email if they think their children have given their private information, which is stored by us related to their own or using any information related to their family, e.g. identity card no, credit card number, and etcetera. We will take immediate action in terms of removing all data from us getting proper evidence because we are strict about maintaining our service transparently.

online privacy policy

It is a privacy policy set by BizBond Digital, which would be only applicable for online activities and would not be applicable for any offline activities.


By agreeing to our web site, you herewith consent to our Privacy Policy and comply with its Terms and Conditions.

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