This site, BizBond digital, is owned by the BizBond group. The objective of this site is to provide the best possible services at a reasonable price. As a company, BizBond digital has a set of rules & regulations that impose on customers for taking our services. We request our clients to have a look at our terms & conditions before choosing our services. Please take note, product, and services related terms and conditions will be automatically imposed if you receive our service whether or not read it. In short, BizBond digital will consider it as you are known to it. Being agreed with these terms and conditions, you can be a subscriber, get a membership and services from BizBond Digital.

On the contrary, if you do not agree with our terms and conditions, please leave this site immediately. You will not get any service, subscription, or to use any materials without agreeing to these terms and conditions.


BizBond digital defines charges on the project quotation, and we send it to our clients via email. Our project quotation is valid until the completing project. If you need any additional requirements beyond the first agreed project, then the existing project quotation will be renewed.
As a customer, you have to pay 45 percent advanced payment of your service charge before starting the project. Thirty-five percent of the service charge after completing 50 percent of your project the project and rest 20 percent of the service charge after completing the project. Please note it down that our service charge is included all vat and other project-related charges.

Invoicing and payment

BizBond digital submits invoices to clients after completing the project via an email. Besides, we provide also hardcopy of the invoice as per the request of our clients.
For payment for our given service, BizBond digital encourages clients to due via bank transfer. Moreover, mobile banking transfers and cash also.

Refund policy

BizBond digital provides the best possible service at a minimal price. It means we are pretty sure that you will satisfy with our services.


Like all others, we do not assure our clients about services to be useful for them. But before delivery it to our clients, we do cross-check our services through various processes. It helps us to present the best possible service for our clients to gain their satisfaction. Besides, our contact us form is always there for you. You can get your solution instantly connecting through it.

Client Review

After completing the project, we let our client check and accept any feedback about the provided service. We allow seven days to give us feedback about our provided services. We appreciate their preferences and try to provide services according to their wishes.

Digital marketing

We help our clients to choose the best digital marketing package for them that suits their budget and business. Besides, we also appreciate their preferences too. They are free to choose any package according to their wishes. The service charge for digital marketing is to be paid on a monthly basis. We regret it that it is right to say we will halt the campaign if you do not receive payment according to time.

Design Credit and Marketing

There will be a link below in smaller cases of your website, graphic design service, and other content related to service. It will appear to use it as our portfolio. We may remove it as per the request of our client. For removing this link, you have to pay a 20 percent extra charge for your service.

Intellectual properties

Please note that we do not share any intellectual properties to anybody.

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